Becoming a True Street Athlete...

I preach a lot about trying to be better, pushing yourself farther, reaching internally to push yourself externally and all that wonderful motivational fitness talk, but in truth I've being living in the gray. Yes, I workout hard and eat well for the most part, but I know I could work smarter and harder and I could definitely being eating better.

What I have been doing is over training because I hate hate hate recovery days. They make me feel lazy. My issue, I know but since I spent a huge chunk of my life overweight, I'm scared that if I get off the horse for any period of time, I might not get back on. I'm afraid my body will be like "Oh this not doing stuff is great, let's relax and never do stuff again and oh hey hello oreos, I've missed you!" It's a mental thing, I get it and I'm working on it. My eating habits are another issue...

I eat really well and but too low calorie for the amount of training I do (1250 calories daily) Monday through Friday afternoon. Friday night to Sunday night, things get a little ugly. And as everyone may know 4.5 good days - 2.5 bad days = no improvements whatsoever! 

This cycle of training in beastmode 6-7 days per week, eating in a caloric deficit during the week and then binging on the weekend has left me limbo. I'm not getting the results I want, so it's time to get real and bring the hammer down in smarter healthy way.

My goals:

1. Decrease Body Fat to 18-20%, Increase Muscle mass

2. Gain enough strength and body control to do a Handstand

3. Increase upper body strength to complete 10 pull ups/chin ups

4. Run a half marathon within 4 months

5. Get my body to a place where I can happily and confidently post a bikini pic

These are just a few initial goals that I plan to check off within the next 6 months. In order to do this I need to take it down a notch in my training because proper recovery allows the body replenish energy stores, repair muscle tissue and it's really when the effects of exercise start to take place. So, I have decide to do resistance training + cardio 4 days a week, yoga 2 days a week and 1 full recovery day. This gives me 4 days of high to moderate intensity training days (a combo of self training, emotional sweat sessions at theclassOrangetheory classes, P90x3 dvds, spin and running) and 2 active recovery/flexibility days (Yoga at New Love City and Y7).

As a personal trainer, yes, I could just train myself all the time but it can be so frigging boring! And, I like the sense of community I get from taking classes and the P90x dvds because my husband does them and it's something fun we do as a couple. I also LOVE and THRIVE off of competition. I'll admit it, I'm a front row diva. If you are in the treadmill next to me, the answer will always be yes, we are racing. As soon as I walk into a class I look for the strongest, fastest, hardest working person there and then muster up everything I have to cream them. When I workout with my husband, the same holds true because both of us would rather snap in half than let the other person win! That's totally healthy, right?

My diet will now be higher in calories (1800-2000 kcals), higher in protein, lower in carbs and most importantly it will be CONSISTENT! I need more calories and more protein because I train hard and my body needs the nutritional fuel/energy to do the work. It also needs the building blocks to repair muscle damage and create change in my body. I will allow myself treats like ice cream and pizza but I will only have those once, maybe twice a week in very small portions because this is a lifestyle change not a fad diet. I don't believe in depriving myself of the foods I love but I do believe that they must be consumed infrequently and in the healthiest form possible meaning all natural, organic, no artificial crap or preservatives.  

Let's get this body started!

I'm going to be blogging about my progress here and posting my food and workouts on my instagram account @mindylavergne 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, hit me up! If you live in the NYC or Brooklyn area and would like to workout with me email me at

See you on the street!