"Mindy LaVergne is an exceptional trainer who brings tremendous enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism to all aspects of her exercise programs. Mindy designs workouts to be effective, challenging and specifically unique based on your goals and fitness interests, and I really appreciate how she clearly describes and demonstrates how to properly perform each exercise along with explaining how each exercise contributes to the effectiveness of achieving my fitness goals. Varying exercise selection and incorporating sport specific movements made the overall program more interesting and fun, and increased my motivation to train. If you’re looking for a premium personalized exercise program designed by a qualified professional, then I highly recommend Mindy LaVergne. " - James B.

"Mindy has been my personal trainer for over a year. She makes every session different so I don’t get bored and tailors each meeting based on what I am trying to achieve. If I have an injury or specific requirement, Mindy will develop an innovative approach to dealing with it and working around it so I can still make the most of the session. In addition to being a great trainer, Mindy is fun to work with, reliable, flexible and punctual. I would not hesitate in recommending Mindy to anyone else." - Kirsten D.

"Ever since I met Mindy, she has been my number 1 cheerleader! When I walk into the room, she is always jubilant, full of energy and always has a smile on her face. Even during my tough days, she is there to help me release the stress by concentrating on my breathing and focusing on my workout. I don’t know what I would do without her!" - Jessica S.

"Working with Mindy has been a great experience in developing both general fitness and specific goals. She has a huge range of training techniques and exercises which she tailors for the situation such as training for a particular sport or managing an old injury. She’s always changing up the schedule so you’re always engaged. Good understanding of the body, how the muscle groups function and what not to do are all part of the repertoire. Finally I’d like to say that Mindy is a pleasure to work with: organised, structured, punctual and above all, fun!" - Patrick H.

"Mindy is one of the finest, most professional and most dedicated personal trainers I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many. She is unfailingly upbeat, adapts to whatever condition you’re in, can give you a kick ass work out even when you’re injured (as I was with ankle tendonitis for months) and can get you event ready (she helped me train for a century bike ride.) I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a combination of expert knowledge, compassion and FUN. She’s the best. " - Kris F.

"Mindy is a passionate, knowledgeable and professional trainer! I worked with her as part of a small group training, and learned so much about what I’m capable of. Even though we were working in a group, Mindy was able to challenge each person individually, and come up with custom workouts that were challenging and exciting. She has a positive attitude, works thoughtfully with existing injuries, and provides nutrition advice, in addition to showing you actual body results. I recommend working with her to get your butt in gear! You’ll never know how much you’ll appreciate squats otherwise." - Mary Y.